Friday, June 11, 2010


A small but perfect little swell running for the boards' maiden voyage. They are heavier than foam boards, but paddled easily, were very buoyant and surfed with a momentum I hadn't felt on other boards. Riding something you have made yourself certainly gives the experience of catching waves a whole new dimension.

Thanks to these people, Peter Mo for the amazing job he did with the glassing, Grant Newby for his help, patience and advice throughout this project, and most importantly our wives for their understanding. Peace

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  1. Great to see you guys enjoying the journey.You learn a lot about yourself doing a project like this. And that first wave on something you have spent so much time and effort on will last a lifetime.
    Great to have been a part of it all.

  2. Been really inspiring reading your blog and now i guess that's this chapter over! Great to hear the board surfs well, Great jobs guys! Stoked for ya!

  3. Thanks guys, yep, stoked for sure!! It has been a really good motivator at times knowing that you guys are interested in how it was all going.

    Grant, we'll catch up soon, we owe you a beer.

    Karl, can't wait to see how your board turns out. If you're ever over here again I'd love to catch up for a wave.


  4. It must've been a relief to see that that they float! I always feel that anything you've built yourself has some special extra meaning. The pictures of the whole process have been a great story of a great project. Congratulations all round.

  5. thanks Drumbeat. Its been a great journey and we enjoyed every minute. The boards have been great and have become a regular board in the quiver. Glad you enjoyed the story. Stay tuned as we will build another one eventually!..